How to upgrade to Executive Condominium

If you’re upgrading from HDB to EC and don’t want to pay extra, you want to pay attention to the list below! The HDB will subsequently manage the case depending on the orders of the court. Do note that it’s different from your usual HDB. If you have a HDB flat currently, you’ve got to create plans to sell off your present HDB once the EC is all about to obtain the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP).

Depending whether you’re purchasing the property for own stay or investment, location has an important duty. Landed properties is an exceptional class of residential property that Singaporeans aspire to have, and ought to stay restricted. There are a lot of distinct things to account for and you would most likely have to experience a range of distinct properties till you can make up your own mind.

You are going to be able to locate an all-inclusive assortment of properties here on Carousell. You have chosen to buy a property. Thus, it’s only wise that one ought to purchase a property during its value. In the market today, the identical property is only going to fetch in its peak $550,000, a figure much less than the buy price. If you’ve sold your personal property, it must be over 30 months. Needless to say, you’re still free to purchase resale property on the general public and private sector.

It’s possible to right size your house for your requirements, and select a dwelling that is suitable for your finances, and after that set the rest to develop your wealth machines. While our homes might be leasehold, if you get the most suitable size for your degree of family income, you own a location where there are jobs, security and it doesn’t cost a bomb. To put it differently, if you have a private house, you must sell it and wait 30 months before you may apply for a new EC. As an example, your house should be an area of relaxation, comfort and it should bring you of a joyful mood. Whether it’s your residence or space you always need to thrive to make it appear neat and lovely at all times.

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